Emotional Ladies

Betsy in Accounting cried yesterday after a meeting with her boss. It made me uncomfortable when I saw her walk by my cubicle on her way to her cubicle, and then it had no effect whatsoever on me the rest of the day, or on anyone else around her, or on the integrity of the building.

It did make me a little uncomfortable for the 23 seconds I noticed it, though.

Guys don’t do shit like that. You don’t see men crying at work. Men are logical, rational. Calm. Like when Bill from Sales and Marketing lost a contract that he thought was in the bag. What did he do? Did he cry about it? No. Logically, rationally, he brought a gun to work, shot his supervisor, started a fire in the breakroom, and broke several windows. No crying. No whining. No smeared mascara on his face, no whimpering because he didn’t get his way.

God. Women.


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