My Uncle Was Recently Raped

My uncle was recently raped. Thank you for your concern about his well-being and for not immediately considering your own discomfort at hearing this news.

It happened last month. And it turns out, he wasn’t even dressed that slutty. That was my first thought: Was he dressed slutty? Was he asking for it? Well, no, it’s not a raise at his job. He did not ask for it. Rape, in fact, is not something you ask for. By definition, it’s something you do not want. Rape is sex that you do not want.

Had my uncle had sex with lots of people before this? you ask.Did multiple consenting partners prior to this rape lay the groundwork for a single heinous encounter? Fascinating question. And the answer is, I don’t know. I don’t know what his sexual history was prior to this rape. I don’t know how many willing partners he enjoyed before this crime occurred. One might suggest that the number of willing partners he enjoyed before this crime has nothing to do with the crime occurring.

One might go further and suggest that the criminal – my uncle’s rapist – committed the crime, and that my uncle is not at fault for having been raped.

After the rapist raped, my uncle went to the emergency room. A doctor there determined he had not contracted any sexually transmitted infections, and medical staff administered Plan B. Lucky for my uncle, he will not have to carry a rapist’s baby or suffer a rape-contracted disease.

God, my uncle is so lucky.


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