How to Save Time: a PSA

Time is in danger. Can you save it? SAVE TIME!

Don’t wait for a pan to heat on the stove or the oven to preheat. Keep all four burners on at all times, and never let the oven dip below 350⁰. TIME SAVED! Continue reading


Eve’s Curse: Gladwell-Level Expertise

Menstrual cramps sent her to her bed this afternoon. She lay reading, curled in the fetal position, a heating pad wrapped around her lower abdomen.

Lying there, she began to calculate The Time She’s Spent Menstruating. She got her first period at 12. She’s 32 now. Twenty years of periods. Twelve periods a year. Some women have inconsistent periods; she is like clockwork. Every 28 to 30 days, her uterus sheds its lining and begins again, like a bloody phoenix. (You’re welcome.) Continue reading


How fragile are you?
How flimsy?
How easily shaken.
The skin darker than yours —
     Chained to a ship
     Chained to a cotton farm
     Chained to debt peonage
     Chained to predatory agreements
     Chained to a cell
— Who dares proclaim its worth?
And sure of yourself, in false magnanimity, revealing only the fragility and smallness of your soul, you correct what needs no correction:
“ALL lives matter,” you say.