How to Save Time: a PSA

Time is in danger. Can you save it? SAVE TIME!

Don’t wait for a pan to heat on the stove or the oven to preheat. Keep all four burners on at all times, and never let the oven dip below 350⁰. TIME SAVED!

Shave minutes off your morning routine by sleeping in the bathroom. Better yet, sleep with your toothbrush in your hand so that when you wake, you don’t have to waste time walking to the bathroom and picking up your toothbrush. SAVIN’ ALL THE TIME!

Hate wasting time in line at the store? Start prepping produce while you stand in line! Just bring your paring knife, cutting board, and vegetable peeler to the grocery with you, and start peeling carrots and chopping onions while the person in front of you wastes your damn time checks out. PREP IS A BREEZE!


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