Up is Down

“Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold.”      W.B. Yeats, “The Second Coming” (1919)

Up is down. Down is up. The center cannot hold, because the center was never designed to hold.

To restate this actively instead of passively: we did not design the center for holding. If holding had been our objective, we’d have included you, and you, and you. White power, mostly male, was our objective, though.

Domination, exploitation, power. These were our objectives, and these cannot hold. The center, now tenuous, shaking, quaking, terrified now because it knows the end is close.

Terrified now because the world, the whole world, and the sun and stars, can see the treachery, corruption, evil.

Your center cannot hold, you fool. Your center never could hold. Your center is a lie and a fraud, crafted to exclude and exploit. Your center turns inside out, and now we see your guts, the bile and diseased tissue, infected, dismayed.

Your center is ugly. Your center is foolish. Your center is hateful. Your center is undone.

You are done.


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